Traveling Tall [Blog]
Two Seatbelts

It finally happened on my flight to Seoul. I tried to squeeze my seat belt the last three centimeters to click it tight across my hips, but no matter how I adjusted in my seat, it clearly wasn’t going to happen. My absolute worst fears were coming true.

An American in Vietnam: Part 2

The following day we made the trek to the Chu Chi tunnels. The intricacy of the tunnels the Vietnamese created to evade the Americans were nothing but impressive. These tunnels represented true guerrilla warfare.

An American in Vietnam: Part 1

I went to Vietnam for more than the history of the war. I went for the food, the scenery, and the chance to experience another Asian culture apart from Japan. The war happens to be a part of my and their country's history, but it wasn’t the reason I went on the holiday. However, I felt like if I visited Vietnam and didn’t visit the museums and war attractions, I would be ignoring a huge part of their history, as well as American history.

Returning from The Flash Pack's Vietnam and Cambodia group tour

The Flash Pack, a relatively new company, promised basically the world for a group tour. A tour company for 30-40 somethings that offered luxury accommodations, a schedule that allowed for independence, biking/kayaking/hiking, a group that was no more than 10 people, and local tour guides in both countries.

Tall Girl Travels Packing Tips

I do this every time I am about to head out of town. I have every intention of getting my stuff together early, but I always get distracted doing something different. 

Thanksgiving is not just the fourth Thursday in November. It’s 365 days a year.

Over all my breaks I like to explore my different options. Tours? Solo travel? Go back to the states? I tend to like tour options--they eliminate the need for me to plan the small logistical travel and allow me to do the big picture planning.

Contiki China Adventure: Review

I left for a 12 day trip through China with Contiki. I kinda thought that I was crazy when I booked this trip. Did I really want to go on a tour with a tour company that has the reputation of being one big long party?

5 life lessons I've learned from watching The Voice

I watch a lot of television. In fact, sometimes I think it may be a problem. If you ask me the shows that I watch I’ll be able to tick off several popular shows, several reality shows, and several off the beaten path shows. I love tv. One of my favourite shows that I never miss a weekly episode (unless it’s completely out of my control) is The Voice.

Group tours...just a sad way to travel, or absolutely brilliant?

Recently I have been doing more research into tour operators for solo travellers in the “mature 25-30 luxury tours”. I have to say, one of my favourite things to read are the comments. Comments on any post anywhere are always so hilarious to me. I recently read one comment on a thread about solo travel companies that said: "I can’t think of anything sadder than a 30 something on a group tour….It’s just as easy and cheaper to do it on your own….where’s your sense of adventure?....Travel by yourself, it’s better and more rewarding."