The Next Chapter.

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We will call this chapter "The Place In-between".

That place in-between stupid excited and oh dear, what did I do?!

Sunday I officially accepted a Guidance Counseling position in Tokyo, Japan. I will be moving August 11, 2013 and this is terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I know this is the right move for me right now, but heck, its easy when you just have to make the decision to do something. Not when you actually have to follow through on it.

I have had this dream for awhile now: sell everything I own and take off. End the connection I have to material things. Take what I can fit in my backpack and explore the world. See what the world has in store for me. Throw caution to the wind and wander, explore, roam, see.

This is the closest I have gotten yet.

In the coming weeks, I am planning on selling everything I own except for the basics and some family heirlooms. I look forward to letting go of everything I can and storing the rest. Just the thought of this move is terrifying, but such an adventure. A new place, a new language, a new alphabet, a new cuisine  and a new way of life.

I am sure between now and August 11 will be a major roller coaster of emotions. But I am going. To Japan. To Tokyo. And that is the beginning of this chapter and the "The Place In-between".