Anthony Bourdain.

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I just posted all of this stuff about following my dreams, doing what I feel is my journey though life, and my need to travel the world. With that comes some inspiration.

Enter: Anthony Bourdain.

Now, I have to preface this: I discovered the awesomeness of Tony Bourdain after I decided to go abroad. I had only ever watched one episode of No Reservations and never read any of his books. Before I became intrigued by this man who spoke his mind, wasn't afraid to admit to his past, and traveled the world I knew that I had to go abroad and I needed to write about it. I pride myself on being open, honest, blunt and a no-games kind of person. Although I haven't done the extracurricular Tony has--I can see myself being similar to him.

He doesn't apologize for who he is, he is quietly intelligent, and is respectful of other cultures and their traditions. I have been watching and reading his work and I am just blown away. Granted, I understand it is television and it's edited, but still. I feel like I get to know him and the way he sees the world. This is the way I'd like to see the world.

I am a tall, curvy, unapologetic, compassionate, go-getter. I am obsessed with museums, love looking at and creating art, appreciate anything creative, and trying new things. This blog will be the jumping off point for adventures around the world and understanding the cultures I encounter from the non-tourist side. Bourdain says (to some extent) in one of his episodes: "I didn't think anyone would want to read my story, I didn't think anyone would find it interesting, yet here I am."

I am going for this. This blog may never catch on, Kelly Kelly Adventures may just be an outlet for me to spout off my ideas, tell of my adventures, and have my grandmother say "Look, that's my Princess!". If that is what this is destined to be, so be it. But I'll go down saying what I feel and doing what I want.

Thanks Anthony Bourdain for inspiring me to be just who I am. To travel the world and find understanding in the traditional, unique, and bazaar.
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