God has a sense of humor.

Danna and Me in Sun Valley
On Tuesday I was at my weekly "date night" with my friend Danna. Danna and I keep this really low key, something healthy for dinner, maybe a long walk, and always lots of chatter. We chat about work, mutual friends, where we are at in our lives, our faith and most importantly--boys.

Now, I haven't really dated at all since my last boyfriend and I ended things. It was a tough breakup for me but has taught me a lot about life and relationships since. My relationship ended just about five years ago and ever since I have been enjoying life and not really had any interest in a relationship or dating.

Danna is one of those people who is a spiritual guide. Danna is incredibly grounded in her faith and shows it. Sometimes we sit and discuss the inter-workings of our Christian based society, argue on religion in schools or chat about the power of prayer. One thing we can always agree on? God has a sense of humor.

On Tuesday, Danna and I were chatting and I stopped our conversation to make an announcement. I sat there, Danna waiting for my dramatic silence to end.

"I think I am ready for a man to walk into my life."

Fast forward to the end of our evening.

I drove home and my mental plan was to do some laundry and call my mother back. I walked in the door, called my mother and was hanging up the laundry.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP my smoke alarms all started going off at the same time.  I hung up on my mother and started smelling and looking around for smoke or fire. Nothing. Then, as fast as it started, it stopped.

10 minutes later.

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP AGAIN. No smoke. No fire. No reason for these alarms going off.

I call my dad. He gets on the phone half awake. "Dad, what do I do? The fire alarms are going off every 10 minutes and ALL of them are going off."
"Are they chirping?"
"Are they all going off?"
"I guess you are going to have to call 911."
"Dad, it's not an emergency"
"Kelly, that's what they are there for."
"Okay, I'll call the fire department." BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP
"Is that the beeping in the background?"
"Yup. I'll call the fire department."

I Googled the Caldwell Fire Department and all of the numbers that were posted were disconnected. I had to call 911 (while the beeping was still going).

"911 what is your emergency?"
"So, this isn't an emergency [beep, beep, beep] but my fire alarms keep going off and I don't know why."
"What is your address?"
".... You don't have to send the fire truck, I just want to call someone, can you give me the phone number?"
"We will be sending someone out."

10 minutes later the big fire truck pulled up in front of my house. Out of the fire truck came three burly fire men.

Three men walked into my life and through my front door.

Well played God. Well played. (And I got my fire alarms fixed.)