I'm a daddy's girl.

Father's Day 2012
"I think you'll be there for two years, and change the school. That's just what you do." That's what my dad said to me today. He was telling me a story of the conversation he had with one of his neighbors.

My dad is really proud of me for making this leap abroad. I think my dad is pretty much my biggest fan.

My dad has not always been one of my best friends. In fact, for several reasons and for several years we were just father/daughter. Even though my dad has always tried to be there for me, it hasn't been until the last five years that I have actually let him be there for me.

I am not going to beat around the bush on this one, I was one hellish teenager which then crossed over into my early 20's. In fact, I am still pretty hellish on a lot of levels. I am strong headed, blunt, honest, don't listen well, and I think I know everything. It's calmed down a bit, but let's face it: I am only 27 and not good with change.

So, after a particularly epic fight my senior year of college, the dynamic between my dad and I changed. The argument, coupled with some very (albeit rare) wise ex-boyfriends, I started to change the way I looked at my dad and our relationship evolved to what it is today.

And the recent years of evolution take place at the restaurant Chipotle.

I guess it doesn't all take place at Chipotle, but that is one of my me and my daddy's favorite places to go. We've met in different cities, we've eaten different combinations, talked about going other places, but Chipotle is always what we can both settle on. It's cheap, filling, and doesn't require a lot of time. We love the burito bowls, we both always have at least four scoops of corn salasa and an extra scoop of sour cream. What makes these outings even more fun? The fact that my dad always successfully butchers the word "barbacoa" and we have to share a pop because he is too cheap to buy two.

This is my amazing dad.

My dad who can't say the words "I love you" unless written in a text message, the dad that washes my windows in below freezing temperatures because he can't sit still and I don't have the energy after my surgery to help. The dad that comes out to my house every Father's Day and takes on several projects and works every minute and calls it the perfect weekend. The dad that has finally started to request his favorite meals when he visits, always consisting of "Ghetto Pizza" and jalapeno poppers. The dad that after he moved, taped, and painted the whole master bedroom on Father's Day only requested pizza and beer after repeated attempts to convince him he needed a steak dinner.

I try to talk to my dad every day. Not just for the moments that I can tell that he is proud of me, but for the moments where he tells me to follow my dreams, the times that we talk business and sales, and the times he tries to get mad at me because I am interrupting his predictable ham sandwich, nuts, and piece of fruit lunch.

My dad is consistent, unconditional and amazing. I am the epitome of a daddy's girl and lets face it, would I want any less of a 6'8'' spectacle visiting me in Japan? Just another reason I love my daddy.