Operation: Move to Japan.

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Casualties have been reported. Things have been stacked in my garage and pictures have been taken. Several ads on Craigslist and lessons learned from eBay. This can only mean on thing:

Operation: Move to Japan is a go. And it all started with one big dance party.

Wait? What? What happened to this funk that I was just in...what happened to all of this wa wa wa wa funk funk funk business? A wise friend told me when I was in the middle of the funk

"Clarity will lead to action or action will lead to clarity"

Well my friends, in my case, action lead to clarity. I made a new mix cd (can you say circa 1999?) with all my current favorite dance songs and cranked up the good ole cd player in my living room...and danced. The dance moves were flowing and the closets were waiting to be tackled, I shimmied, tapped, and hip-hopped my way through the house and found clarity in my action.  I finally had the courage to tackle the first of the list items: the closets.

The cd lasted 90 minutes and even with bilateral knee surgery a little over six weeks ago, I loved every minute of it. I am such a dancer at heart and I sang and danced my way right out of my funk. Let me tell you: It feels great. You know what also feels great? Cleaning out closets. Knowing that every single thing I mentally break my bond with is another step closer to moving to Japan.

(sung off key) Cause I am mooooovvvviiin' to JAPAN! [Insert wide smile and excited giggle here]

Although the operation had many causalities today and most of them were posted either on Craigslist, eBay, or in my garage for the epic garage sale I plan on having later this summer--I am that much closer to Japan.  And that is something worth dancing for.
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