Tokyo Islands: Shikinejima...oops!

Well, today we were suppose to be off to the Tokyo Islands. There are a string of islands accessible by boat located off of the Takeshiba station stop in Tokyo. There are 11 islands and we were going to go to Shinkinejima island. 

We met at 7:20 am at the Hiroo Station and started to head on our way. We changed trains at Ginza, then took the Yurikamome line to Takeshiba. Got off, gave our tickets to the window and were on our way at what we thought was 8:40 am. We walked around a little bit, came back to board our boat, stood in line, and we were turned away. Thinking that we were just on the wrong boat, we waited, and then everyone was gone…and we asked about our boat…and it was gone.


We are sad sad tourists. 

We are sad sad tourists. 

photo (1).JPG

The fast, two hour boat, was gone. We could have done the overnight boat that left at 10pm and arrived at 9 am, but by that point we had already missed one night in our hotel and it would be an 8 hour boat trip each way. 

So, my mini-grand adventure that I had put in two weeks worth of 12 hour days for was over. Surprisingly I was extremely calm about it, maybe all those years being late, missing flights, and making u-turns, nothing surprises me anymore. The past life of an admission counselor? Maybe. Disappointed? Yes.

Making the best of it with a short tour of Tokyo? Stay tuned.