Christmas Miracles the Japanese way.

I have been taking Japanese lessons for a couple of weeks now. We only do practical situations. Taxis, convinis, restaurants, counting, counting money. I bring a list of phrases or vocab I want to learn, and that's what she teaches me. During these sessions, something that is continually tough/hilarious/annoying/frustrating/adorable is how the Japanese say English words. Everything has an accent, an o, or an elongated vowel. I feel like a total idiot every time I try to say things like 'McDonalds', 'fork', 'spoon'. Out of all of these, the one that I have the worst time saying is straw. I cannot, for the life of me, get my mouth to work in a way to even come close to mimicking the Japanese accent. 

Today, my worst nightmare came true at the convini. The cashier was packing up my bag, and she didn't put a straw in. It seems so simple...a straw...but I have seriously had nightmares about this moment. I looked at her, she looked at me and I thought now or never. 

Straaaawwww?.............Forku? (Because I figured if I was going to butcher one word, may as well try to get a fork too.) 

No please at the end, even though I know that word and exactly how to say it, I just totally forgot. I was so focused on trying to make the word straw sound right I got flustered.

Then, she looked at me (this is the moment where I really thought that I had no hope of getting a straw). Looked down, and put a straw in my bag. I did it. She understood. Then she put a fork in the bag too. 

There are such things as Christmas miracles.

(And the relentless mockery I got from my tutor did end up paying off.)