VRBO Review: Walla Walla, Washington

During our stay in Walla Walla we stayed in a very well kept, centralized location, and lovely one bedroom home. It was small, but had all the modern amenities. The A/C worked well (but did not reach the bedroom), the couches were comfortable, and it was spectacularly clean. I felt safe staying there.

Pros: Great location. Very clean. Spacious.

Cons: A/C unit did not reach the bedroom, so it was a sauna at night. Directions to location were terrible, took many u-turns to get there.  

But, overall, here are my reasons for loving and hating VRBO.com

Dear VRBO,

I love using your service because:
1.    I have my own space that no one will come in and fix up.
2.    I usually have a kitchen.
3.    The rental owners are usually very helpful, from the area, and quick to respond.
4.    The environment is usually not sterile and feels like a home away from home.
5.    You can choose your location.
I hate VRBO because:
1.    I am a points hoarder and I would rather stay at a Hilton.
2.    You don’t get extra points if you stay with the same company.
3.    There is no free breakfast. 

There’s the scoop on VRBO. It’s a great service and I rather prefer it. I wonder if there is a points system on its way?