Hello, Tall Girl Travels. It was good working with you Kelly Kelly Adventures.

I will be officially launching this website in the next couple of months. As you already know my blog is named Kelly Kelly Adventures. Kelly Kelly Adventures will be changed to Traveling Tall, and Kelly Kelly Adventures will be retired. As much as I loved that name, it was time for something new. Find the new title and the new website at tallgirltravels.com and hopefully fully live in August!

So….Why Tall Girl Travels? 

Well, it’s kind of a funny story. I had been agonizing over my new website name. I knew that I wanted to pursue some sort of travel writing/video blog. Kelly Kelly Adventures came from a nick name from a very special friend and it makes sense for my blog. What it didn’t make sense for (or at least I didn’t feel like it) was my website. 

I was driving down a road that I drive all the time. I was thinking about the blog posts that I have read that tell you how to pack enough in a carry on for two weeks. I thought to myself: 

These girls have never seen the size of my bras?! Those alone take up ¾ of my suitcase. Good Lord. 

Then it hit me. Tall Travels. The adventures of those of us who can’t fit two weeks in a carry on, of if they can, it’s far more entertaining then those other littlier bloggers. I ran the name past a couple of friends, we decided to add the “girl” and so it was. Tall Girl Travels. 

Tall Girl travels will explore the world from a 6’1’’ point of view. I probably can’t fit two weeks worth of stuff in my carry-ons, my bras, pants and shirts are all twice the length and size of normal peoples, and let’s not forget about my size 11 shoes. Tall Girl Travels will be figuring out by trial and error how to pack two weeks worth of clothes into a suitcase, how to find beds that are not too short, and how to navigate the world of travel while being taller than the average person.