"Oh YAY! A 5:45 am flight!" Said no one ever.

Judging by my twitter post from the normal hours of the night, I am sure that you could tell how totally excited I was by the prospect of ANOTHER 5:45 am flight in less than a month. This is the only major problem with living in Boise. The flights in and out suck. I mean, totally suck. Because there are very few direct flights connections have to be made and the only way you can get anywhere at a decent hour is to leave on the 5:45 AM flight. I get into Louisville today around 1pm, which is great! But I will be dead tired.

On paper 5:45 am looks really good. I got up at 4:45 for swimming three days a week, so a 5:45 am flight is a piece of cake. Not. Factor in the time that you need in the morning to get your stuff together (1 hour), the time it takes to drive to the airport (30 minutes), the time it takes you to find a parking spot in the airport parking you have found because no one in their right mind would take you to the airport at this hour (20 minutes), the shuttle to the airport (10 minutes), the amount of time the shuttle is early (1 hour), domestic flight check in time (1 hour)....so add that up...and whala! I got up at 2:00 am this morning and I was 5 minutes late to my shuttle.   I went to bed at midnight. I guess there is a bright side to this. I went to bed?

Luckily, I can sleep just about anywhere for any length of time. Ride into the city? Wake me up five minutes before we get there. 20 minute break? Let me find a lounge and take a quick snooze. Airplane ride? Give me a u shaped pillow and I am zonked out. Down fall to this magical trait? The unfortunate ability to snore and drool. I guess I'll take my wins where I can get them.

At this point I would like to give you a fabulous picture of one of my early flights. For some reason I think it is a great idea to take pictures of myself when I am up this early in the morning. Enjoy.

Isn't that a stunning picture?  

Isn't that a stunning picture?