It never, ever, ever, ever, ever ends.

Okie Doke Folks. Friday is the day. The day that i move out of this house for Portland. A week from Sunday I will be on a plane to Tokyo. Whoa.  

Moving across the street is tough...moving across the ocean is tougher. I have found that I can't just throw things in a box and open it when I get there. It either A. Has to get packed. B. Has to come with me. C. Get rid of it.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

I am so tired of making decisions. I am so tired of moving boxes. I am so tired of cleaning. I am ready to get on my flight to Tokyo and get on with it. But...I have 11 more days. And in those 11 days I'll be back with my reviews on Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. And maybe, just maybe the packing and cleaning will end. Because you know when you move it doesn't. You think your close to being done...and then there is another 10 things you have to do.

I just keep reminding myself....I will start my new adventure in Tokyo in...11 days!