My first days in Tokyo, Japan

I realize I am a little behind on my post from Kentucky and other things, but this move to Japan has almost settled down. I arrived on Monday from Portland. From there things have not only been a blur of jetlag, but a constant misunderstanding of words, meanings, and characters. Arriving here with no experience with Japanese and only a few words memorized, I knew I was walking in totally unprepared. 

Jetlag is a real thing folks. No matter how much you try and fight it, your body likes patterns and it is used to the time it is in. Adding a 16 hour time change and a flight over the international date line? Major, total, insane confusion. So, the posts will start coming, after my body has adjusted to this massive change.

Hello Tokyo, my new home.  

Hello Tokyo, my new home.  

Anyhow, Tokyo is amazing. I have literally seen a very small speck of it.  I have managed to get on the metro, take a bus, and even walk to school. It's amazing that when you live in a foreign country you feel like a kindergartener. Not only am I not able to read anything, but I have to try food for the first time, I can barely communicate with the people around me, and when I need to go somewhere I have to have someone to hold my hand. I just wish there were coloring books involved!

Even though every day is literally a new adventure, I have had a lot of fun. There has been some serious frustrations, laughter, and hurt noggins, but I have made it this far. I am excited to be sharing Tall Girl Travels adventures from now on and hope you enjoy the journey with me.