Kentucky's Horse Obsession.


There isn't much to say about the horse farms in Kentucky. They are expansive, breathtaking, and go for miles. There are big farms, incredible facilities, and beautiful horses. The horses are taken care of like they are royalty. Exercised multiple times a day, given baths and brushed until they shine. The amount of money that could and can earned is simply amazing. These horses are treated like winners and expected to win. The pictures of the facilities speak for themselves, immaculate, manicured, and absolutely perfect. My iPhone took as good of pictures as my DSLR, and that says something about the absolute beauty of the farms. So, enjoy. Enjoy the stunning views of the Three Chimneys Horse Farm. 



When in Kentucky, visit a horse farm. You'll go to Church Hill Downs and this will make it make sense. These farms are where the winners start. From conception to maturity, these horses are bred to win and take the ultimate crown and no expense is spared. Make an appointment, check one out and see the incredible farms yourself. It's worth it.