The anticipation is killing me.

I have been trying to write the Kentucky posts for over a week now. Kentucky was AWESOME! I had a great time with family, enjoyed seeing the horse culture, tasting bourbon, and swinging a bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum. It was GREAT. I had a really great time and it should be easy to write about? Right?

Not. A. Chance.

Friday I showed up in Portland ready to get stuff done. I had said goodbye to Caldwell where I have called home for the past two years, cleaned up the never ending move, and drove seven hours here. I have been here since Friday (sans the beach for one night) and I can't sit still. I am so excited-nervous-excited-frazzled-nervous that I can't seem to keep my thoughts in one direction. I tell myself to go to Walgreens to get some more allergy medication and I end up at lunch with a friend. I intend on getting my shoes and jewelry sorted away and then I end up watching tv for two hours. CAN SUNDAY JUST GET HERE ALREADY? How long have I been counting down the days?

I am ready to pack up. I am ready to start this new adventure. So why can't I sit down and focus? I go to Japan on Sunday. I only have three days here. I should be enjoying every moment, instead I am wishing Sunday were here. Dang! What am I going to do with my crazy self?! Sit here and write about it. Sunday will come and I will be on a plane sooner than I know it. Off to Walgreens I go.