5 life lessons I've learned from watching The Voice

Thank you google images

Thank you google images

I watch a lot of television. In fact, sometimes I think it may be a problem. If you ask me the shows that I watch I’ll be able to tick off several popular shows, several reality shows, and several off the beaten path shows. I love tv. One of my favourite shows that I never miss a weekly episode (unless it’s completely out of my control) is The Voice.

The Voice is one of those shows that you expect to be stupid, after all look at where most reality shows have gone--more gimmicks, more special rules, changes to the ages, etc. The Voice has pretty much stayed the same since the first season. It’s about the voice. I feel like with the different judges and the competition, The Voice has become more than just a singing show, it has become a simile for how people should live their lives.

5 takeaways from The Voice on how life should really be lived:

  1. Be true to yourself. I feel like this is the most important message that has to be taken away from The Voice. Every time someone performs, if that person puts their heart and soul into it, it gets praised. Don't hold back! If you want to dance, dance. If you want to belt it out, belt it baby! Above all, be exactly who you are.

  2. Embrace and show off your talents. I suppose this goes along with being true to yourself, however apart of being true to yourself is also knowing who you are. Where your talents are, what makes you you, and what you love, embrace it and show it off.

  3. No matter how old, what your circumstances are, and where you’re from, you can still go for your dreams.  Every new season I know I am going to see the same contestant back stories: major struggles, sad stories, or so young they are destined for great things stories. Every season I think that I am going to get sick of the same stories coming up over and over, but instead they remind me that you should always go for your dreams. It's never too late. It's never too early. There is only the here and now. It will seem like there is never enough money, it's never the right time, but you've got to go for it--jump first, swim later.  

  4. Social media, bullying, and the negative inner voice never ever changes, but it can get better. It astounds me that these normal people who are chasing their dreams are getting BLASTED in social media. It astounds me the level of bullying that happens when people don’t have to do it in person, they can just say whatever they want without thinking how that may affect the person on the other end. What boggles my mind even more is how much the artists take it to heart. These are incredibly talented people who are working some of the most talented people in the industry--but yet peoples hateful words over take that accomplishment and the negative inner voice wins. We need to learn to turn down that inner voice and not let anyone judge you for just being who you are

  5. The most incredible talents are always students. It’s humbling to watch the mega-stars on the show. Pharrell (who I think is a musical genius) is constantly saying how much he is learning from his artists, Reba, REBA, was inspired by one of the youngest talents on the show. Blake, Christina, and Adam are always listening and learning from each other. This is what I think makes this show great--it shows that even the most talented people are still learning, and we should too.   

  6. I know I said 5, but really I have a million reasons I love this show. One of the biggest reasons I love this show is that every part of this show is about talent. It’s not about tearing down the artists to make good television, it’s about honouring the talents of every single person on the show. Whether they are a international star or a 15 year old high school student. Talent is talent and that’s what The Voice is all about.

Watch The Voice. It's an amazing show, don't you agree?