Walla Walla, Washington: Overview     Walla Walla: VRBO

Walla Walla, Washington: Overview

Currently residing in southwest Idaho, we have only a couple of places that are a short overnight trip. We have the options of Sun Valley, McCall, Boise, Jackpot, and a handful of other places. One of those other places is Walla Walla, Washington. Mostly known for their famous onions (Walla Wall sweets anyone?), they are now on the map for their wine country. 

Yes, you heard me correctly. Wine Country. Kelly and wine? Perfect combination. Always. Kelly and one of her bestest friends and wine? Trouble. 

About a four hour drive from where we live, Sarah and I embarked on a girls weekend to wine taste in Walla Walla. 

I had booked a little house on VRBO. I had looked at other hotels in the area, but they were just too expensive during the high season. 

Tip: Walla Walla has, as with other places, a high and low season. The low season is far cheaper to stay there, but it’s harder to find tasting rooms that are open. They also have a rather large farmers market, so going during high season is the better idea. But, be prepared to spend more than usual. 

Because it is imperative that we could walk to and from the downtown area, our VRBO property was just about 6 blocks from town and a perfect distance from the tasting rooms. 

The tasting rooms. Oh, the tasting rooms. Our favorite and focal point of this trip. 

I love the tasting rooms because it gives you a chance to taste all different wines from different grapes, wineries, and vineyards. No cars, no chance of intoxicated driving, and just plain ole fun in the (hopeful) sun. 

There are many tasting rooms on the main “drag” of Walla Walla. Most of the tasting rooms have people who are super friendly and very knowledgeable when it comes to wine. 

Favorite part? Being able to meet people who are either A. The actual wine makers or B. Have worked closely with the wine makers. 

Caution: If you had the idea like we did to start at the “end” and work your way back and drink the whole taste and maybe get a glass because you bought a bottle…don’t plan on making it through the 20+ tasting rooms. In fact, don’t plan on making even all the way down the block. And going to the French Restaurant where their menu is primarily in French…unless you have some French background, plan on that being fairly difficult too. Basically, you’ll end up drunk at some point during your tour. At which time, you will realize that you now know more about wines and you are pleasantly happy from all of that new tasteful knowledge. 

Bottom line: Go to Walla Walla. Check out the cute farmers market, check out the wine scene, and the friendly other tourists who are doing the same thing you are. It’s a guaranteed good time.