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I’m an Art major, and you know what that means – I love seeing offbeat beauty in unexpected places, and I have no money to get me there. But through a combination of travel hacks, thriftiness, and super-detailed advance planning, I’ve been able to finagle my way into travel opportunities that have changed my life. Everyone should have that experience. I think that at the exact same time our global awareness makes us hungry to see all the incredible things the world has to offer, our crap economic realities try to shut us down and keep us trapped in our own little burg. That’s bs. I want my blog to help you travel well in the new world economy, or if that’s not an option, at least to travel in the old fashioned way – by reading about someone else’s adventures and imagining your way there. Isn’t that how we all traveled when we were twelve?

I’m also a tall girl, obviously. Six-one, unless you catch me in my sexy boots, and I’m currently living in a country where the average woman tops out at five-and-some-change. If you’re a tall girl too, I feel your travel pain. Your shoes take up more luggage space than your jeans, and there is just no way to pack enough toiletries when you have to shave a full mile of legs. And then you land in a place where people gawk up at you like you’re something out of Gulliver’s Travels. I hope my fellow Amazons will find some tips here to make travelling tall easier (don’t cut off a boob! just stuff your socks in your bra!) as well as knowing how to travel comfortably while on a budget (when to invest in that extra legroom--lets face it, it’s an investment!) Alright tall people, watch your head, perfect that “tallpersonlean” you have done in all your touristy pictures, and try not to forget your properly fitting pants and shirts, because when you deplane in Thailand and realized you have forgotten them, honey, you know we have all been there.

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